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Lateral Cervical Flexion Videos

August 27, 2020

Lateral Cervical Flexion Video

Technique Breakdown

Technique Breakdown PDF

If you wish to follow along with the specific questions asked in the Technique Breakdown video (the time-codes are referencing the first video on this page), download the Technique Breakdown PDF.

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Deliberate Practice Has No End Point

And that’s the point – you are never “complete.”  The more you practice a technique by finding tiny gaps, the more you notice and improve, ad infinitum. The learning gets deeper until you are always learning, always adjusting. When that shift occurs, you are hungry for resources and for time to practice because you’ve seen how a tiny shift in the way you pay attention has made such a huge difference for the horse.  You go from minding the gap to loving the gap because that’s where you’ll find the next tiny shift that makes a big difference.

We’ve created a forum devoted to Deliberate Practice, with a discussion thread for each technique. Click the button below to share your breakthroughs, learn from others, and get ideas from people all over the world.