“Master The Method” Advanced Home Study Course

· August 26, 2020

A system of learning that will help you learn on every horse.

Prerequisite: This course is for those who have attended the Advanced 5-Day Course and wish to further their study of The Masterson Method®. Whether you’re already certified in The Masterson Method® or you just completed the 5-Day Course last weekend, this course can help you improve your bodywork practice.

Watch Excerpts of the Course in this Preview Video

Deliberate Practice to Mind the Gap

Jim is very excited about this course because it teaches you how to “mind the gap” between your current level of practice and what the best possible practitioner can do. It also gives you tools to practice deliberately and intentionally in a way that helps you bridge that gap. It’s tempting to shy away from these gaps, hoping those tricky bits will get better as we get better. Or perhaps we start avoiding certain techniques, situations, or types of horses. But there is a better way!

This course gives you the tools and confidence you need to be successful in even those tricky places. The sooner you start paying attention to the gaps – minding the gaps – and learning how to practice them properly, you’ll be amazed not only at the progress you will make but at how much you enjoy it.

What You’ll Receive

When you enroll in this course, you’ll gain access to over 80 lessons and 26 hours of video, including—

  • Lessons on each technique, including its purpose, goals, steps, anatomy, and safety considerations
  • Videos of Jim demonstrating each technique
  • Videos of Jim answering questions about each technique – with slow motion review
  • Deliberate Practice Guide and Worksheet (see more below)
  • Our online forum to share and connect with others enrolled in the course from around the world
  • Lifetime access to all of the contents of this course


Wow. Deliberate Practice is making me feel like a beginner all over again! I really like the videos with the technique breakdowns. Honestly, there are so many layers to the exercise that I will need a lot more time (how about a lifetime) to keep enhancing my hands, energy, and feel. 

This is a great course, I wish I could have done it before my Fieldwork! It will help many students and horses!

I used this on one of my regular horses and it really helped me go in with intention… I was able to get further into the techniques (on her time and listening to her) and the releases that she had were quite profound–it was a BIG session for the both of us!

Course Resources

The Advanced Home Study Course is meant to be used in conjunction with the following resources: Advanced 5-Day Course Manual - Latest Edition (received at your Five Day Course). The latest edition of the Advanced Five-Day Course Manual was published in January 2020. If you would like the paper copy of this edition, please email your mailing address and request to seminars@mastersonmethod.com. You will be invoiced $15 if in the USA, however shipping fees will increase if outside of the USA. Beyond Horse Massage book. This book contains valuable information on bio-mechanics and anatomy as well as detailed descriptions and photographs of the basic techniques taught on the Weekend Seminar. It is important to become familiar with the information in this book prior to practicing the techniques. Available on the online Store. Beyond Horse Massage DVD. This DVD accompanies the Beyond Horse Massage book and demonstrates the basic techniques taught on the Weekend Seminar. It is a very good reminder of the fundamentals of The Masterson Method.  This DVD is offered with a Streaming option also. Available on the online Store. Advanced 5-Day Techniques (Phase I Techniques) video.  This video demonstrates basic hand positions and performance of the advanced techniques taught in this Course. It is easy forget things such as hand or body positions which are important when learning the Techniques. Review this video from time to time, or if you’re having difficulty or doubts about how a technique is done. This DVD is part of your Advanced Five-Day Course material and can be accessed on the Field Work Online School by Certification Students. Whole Horse DVD's.  These DVDs are valuable in that they demonstrate different ways in which these techniques can be applied, combined, and transitioned into when working on different horses. Watch these from time to time as they will help with the flow of your work. You will see things you may have missed on previous viewings and may even pick up a few tricks you hadn’t seen before or that were not taught during your course. Deliberate Practice Guide and Worksheet. [Insert description and link?]

Other Important Resources

If you are continuing on with Certification you will have a valuable resource in your Fieldwork Course Coordinator, and your Block 1, 2, and 3 Mentors and Coaches. We also encourage you to share any successes and positive experiences on the Students of The Masterson Method Facebook Group, or on your own Facebook page and share them with us! One more important resource is the Masterson Method website. Many questions regarding equine performance and bodywork have already been discussed on the the Questions and Answers page. You may also find a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner near you on the Find a Practitioner page. Please become familiar with and refer to these resources frequently during your practice of the techniques. We encourage students and practitioners to share any successes and positive experiences with us. Contact us on The Masterson Method Facebook page and/or we will share them with The Masterson Method community.

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Course Includes

  • 81 Lessons