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Hands Online Video Library
Bodywork Session Reviews with Jim

How does Jim deal with different horses he works with, and the variety of issues that they have? In this Library of Hands Online Bodywork Session Reviews you can see first-hand how Jim works with 11 horses, and hear his follow-up Q&A with the Hands Online Membership in 2021. With the use of slow-motion, Jim highlights the nuance of this subtle bodywork. There is a bonus 12th session on case study horses with mysterious performance or behavioral issues. That’s 24 videos in total.

These videos are available to anyone interested in improving their bodywork, whether you’re new to The Masterson Method® or a seasoned practitioner.


Hands Online Video Library
Technique Breakdowns with Jim

What if my horse stomps his foot when I ask for a Leg Release? How do I deal with my horse bracing or pulling away when I ask for Lateral Cervical Flexion? In this Library, Jim “breaks down” the steps to perform each technique, including a demonstration video and a follow-up Q&A. With the use of slow-motion, Jim highlights the nuance of this subtle bodywork. He covers 15 techniques in the 12 sessions – that’s 24 videos in total.

This Library is only available to students who have attended a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar or Equine Specialist Course, or who have enrolled in the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course.


Hands Online Video Library
Expert Hour Topics

Our worldwide community of Masterson Method Certified Practitioners bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise around topics that are critical to the horse’s welfare and relevant to the Masterson Method bodywork. In these recordings, they address their specific expertise and relate it to The Masterson Method bodywork. Twelve (12) topics covered include Equine Dental Health and TMJ Alignment, Tack Fit, Hoof Balance, How Horses Show Pain, Suppling Exercises and Masterson Techniques, the Hyoid Apparatus, Staying Soft from the Horse’s Perspective, and more.


“Master The Method”
Advanced Home Study Course

This course is designed to help you improve your practice, using 3 pillars: (1) the Advanced 5-Day Course manual, (2) demonstration videos and slow-motion Q&A videos with Jim, and (3) tools to improve your practice with deliberate intention and mindfulness.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, in the middle of your certification fieldwork journey, or just needing more guidance after the 5-Day, this course will help you improve your sense of feel with each technique.

There are 82 lessons in this course, several of which you can preview before you buy. This is another exciting new offering that helps bring Jim’s wisdom to Masterson Method students around the world!

$125.00 – $450.00